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the Podcast

Just Be You with Bridget is a podcast where I'll be chatting with amazing humans about what inspires, drives, and empowers them. We'll discuss the impact they've made, business, challenges, and joys. 
Tom O'Keefe

I'm most grateful for the guys and girls on my team. My runners - they’re really amazing. They’ve changed my life. 

Stride for Stride, Founder

Jenn Walker Wall

We launched community offerings, Work Wonders Co. and just launched Career Collective. By bringing people together,... it's been such a game-chnger to our clients. 

Work Wonders Careers, Founder

Jody Merill

I wanted to do something different, take a big risk and try something.. You have to have the goal and drive to start something.

Btone Fitness, Founder

BrassTeam_All DayShot_2125.jpg

Our Brass Guild is our secret sauce... it's the backbone of our company. 

These women are incredible!

CEO & Chief Creative Officer, Brass Clothing

Adrianne Haslet

You can say maybe one day I'll write that book but there's never going to be a perfect time but right now.

Para-athlete, Motivational Speaker

Hi, I'm Bridget

I love to talk to people.  

My closest friends say that I can get a rock to talk to me so I decided to use some of my energy to talk to some amazing humans through a podcast. 

During business hours I'm a UX Designer. When I'm not at my day job, I'm a fitness instructor, cat pawrent, coffee lover, and craft donut eater. I'm also known to buy too many notebooks, shout Jeopardy answers, and binge watch tv shows. 

I'm going to be chatting with some inspiring people, many of whom I've been fortunate enough to know over the years. I'm excited to share my conversations! 

Stay awesome. Stay Kind. Just be you. 

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Stay awesome. Stay kind. Just Be You. 

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